Banc De Binary: A Review Of The Popular Platform


This binary option platform is a very popular choice amongst the binary traders. This is because it is the most simple and easy to use binary option. A mobile app is also available for this option which further makes it, even more, users friendly.

Banc de binary boasts of some very good features which makes it so popular even though there are so many binary options to choose from.  To learn more about different binary option systems click here: Lie Detector Millionaire Review
typesWe know that when opening an account an initial deposit is required. So to open the standard account, that is, the Bronze account an initial deposit of a maximum $250 and the minimum $1 is required. This low initial deposit is like the account is open for free. Then there are two other accounts which are Silver account and the Gold account. The initial deposit for these two accounts is much higher. For the Silver account, the initial deposit is $2500 and for the Gold account, the initial deposit is $5000. The most popular account amongst the binary traders is the Silver account.

This platform allows its clients to deal with about 90 assets. There is a customer support system which is very strong and helpful. They make the trader feel safe and secure as they are a tried and tested platform. All complaints are heard and resolved as soon as possible.

The bonus feature is also very good and new traders can expect to get bonus between 50% and 100% on their initial deposits and thus they can start their trading with a tidy sum of money. Apart from this type of bonus, there is another type too. This bonus is the referral bonus. This means that if a binary trader having an account at this platform refers it to a friend or someone else and they too open an account then the trader will get a referral bonus. This is a good initiative by this option to draw more traders to their fold.

Withdrawal and deposit of money is very easy as all major credit cards are accepted. Since the customer support system is very strong it instils a sense of security in a trader so they are attracted to this platform.

The only drawback of this binary trade option platform is that it cannot be operated from within the United States.

So, in conclusion, we can say that banc de binary is a very simple and easy to use option. It is secure and not a scam, like many others on the internet. The customer support is strong. It is governed by the regulatory body and thus prevents it from any fraudulent practices. No wonder it is one of the most popular binary trading platform amongst the binary traders.


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