Binary Options Trading? What Is It?


We keep hearing the term binary trading or binary options trading, but what is it really. We usually associate it with gambling and to a certain extent, it does have similarities. We imagine traders putting money on assets and commodities and winning or losing according to the rise and fall of their prices. To a certain extent, this is all true and it is the way of this trading. The thing we don’t see is the research and studying done on the market by the different options in this type of trading. Although they are speculations made they are not random ones. Signals sent by binary options are very carefully analysed to predict a future happening. A trader usually takes help from one or more of the binary options available on the net and uses their signals to make an informed choice when he trades. This reduces the risk of loss considerably and the profit can be pretty high.

The unique thing of this form of trading is that it is not the traditional type of trading where commodities or assets are bought in their physical forms. The entire process is virtual and there is a time frame to buy or sell, call or put etc. I will explain this further.

Binary literally means, having two parts. Thus the trading also has two parts. This is usually, call or put. So when a trader thinks the price of an asset or commodity, you have put money on is going to rise you use the call option and when you think that the price is going to fall you choose the put option. Usually, this has time frames in which this trading can be done. The time can vary from thirty seconds, one minute, one hour, one day or as long as one month. It depends on the binary option you are using.


There are many binary option platforms to choose from and it depends on the trader which one suits him the best. Examples of some options are 24option, stockpair, banc de binary etc. to name a few.

Let us see how a binary option works. There is a very simple question asked and the answer will be either is yes or no. Also, you can visit for more useful information about binary system.


Will the price of a certain asset rise by a certain time.

The trader looks at the asset, he listens to the news regarding it and then sees the signal from his subscribed binary option. He then makes a choice which is an informed choice.

Thus the profit and loss is calculated by the outcome of the price of that asset, whether it rises or falls.


The thing that a trader should be very careful about is the scam options floating on the internet. These bogus sites piggyback on the name of genuine binary option platforms by using similar names. They cheat the money from gullible traders who are new in the field. So it is advised to beginner that they make a thorough study of the option they are choosing so that they are not scammed.

There are several automated options too. These are very useful to beginners as the trading is done automatically by the option. The trader just has to subscribe to the software and link to a broker recommended by this option and he is ready to go. With the click of a button, trading will commence automatically. The trader does not have to be online once he has set the ball rolling. But then again it is advised to thoroughly investigate the auto trade option before subscribing. The world of binary trading is exciting but not without risk, so be careful how you go about it. Make an informed choice.

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